Child Tyrant: Trump Tried To Blackmail Morning Joe Hosts

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Donald Trump may have even more legal troubles in store.

This week has had no shortage of bad news for the flailing president. A bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal has – for the first time – drawn a direct line between a Trump associate and Russian hackers responsible for data breaches of US political parties and government institutions. An aid to the now disgraced Michael Flynn purportedly dropped his boss’ name while attempting to receive stolen emails from the Clinton campaign.

This is enormously important news. If Flynn – who was a key player in the Trump campaign and in the early days of the Trump Administration – is incriminated in collusion with foreign agents, that brings the FBI investigation right to Trump’s doorstep.

But this week’s revelations don’t end there. In the wake of a public confrontation with MSNBC pundits Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski – in which Trump spewed vile, sexist remarks on Twitter – details have emerged that Trump tried to blackmail the hosts into apologizing for their coverage of his fraught tenure as president.

Scarborough shared with MSNBC executives that White House aids called him threatening the release of a National Inquirer story unless he and his co-host Brzezinski ask for forgiveness.

Truly a pathetic ploy from a desperate and failing administration. It’s also a pointless self-inflicted wound. While the Russia probe is evidently heating up, Trump has gone as far as to blackmail two journalists.

Trump’s cravenness knows no limits, a characteristic that his lawyers’ ballooning workload shares.

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