Trump’s Pathetic, Sham Time Cover A New Spin On ‘Fake News’

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Trump University Fraud

The GOP achieves power by deceit and distortion of the truth. Recall Paul Ryan’s promise of better healthcare for less, or how mainstream conservatives failed to stamp out birther lies because it benefited them electorally. Republicans’ cravenness found a natural extension in Trump, whose capacity for spreading lies and falsehoods knows no bounds.

When confronted on his lying, the Trump Administration throws the accusations right back, discrediting the press while arguing that whatever absurdity the flailing president said on a given day is the truth. This is disturbing for a number of reasons. This is the behavior of dictators, not a leader of a democratic government.

Recent events at CNN have not helped the cause for truth, as three employees departed after a story relating to the Trump-Russia scandal was retracted. Trump has since used these developments to throw out a blanket refutation of all stories relating to this administration’s shadowy ties with Russian officials.

A recent revelation concerning the decor at Trump golf courses, however, has offered a fresh take on “fake news.”

It turns out that the Trump Organization hung fake Time covers that depict Donald Trump on the front and reference his TV ratings. The issue, of course, never actually appeared. Time has requested that the fake magazines be taken down.

Below, the fake cover is shown on the right.

Once again, Trump has shown that when reality doesn’t meet his standards, he twists it to satisfy his insatiable narcissism.

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