Trump’s Lawyer Used Donations From The Poor To Finance Luxury Lifestyle

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Whenever a new story pops up illustrating the immorality that courses throughout the Trump universe, it feels unsurprising and unremarkable. Recent revelations on how Trump family members and associates have scammed the poor and sick – however – offer yet another, horrifying dimension to the Trump camp’s cravenness.

That Trump himself scammed many desperate individuals with his fraudulent university is well documented. Recently, the nation also discovered that his son Eric is responsible for abusing funding for his foundation in order to benefit family businesses to the detriment of cancer-stricken kids. Additionally, news broke this week that Jay Sekulow – a private attorney for Trump – pilfered tens of millions of dollars from his religious charity Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism (CASE). Sekulow directed $60 million of the nonprofit’s funding to excessive payouts to his family and to benefit his businesses as part of the organization’s “operations.”

Perhaps most disturbingly, CASE’s development wing was trained to compel lower income families to make “sacrificial” gifts which would ultimately go on to cushion Sekulow’s private jet lifestyle.

It’s hardly uprising that Trump would tap someone in possession with a similarly damaged moral compass to serve as his legal counsel. The cultural sphere these men inhabit is rife with greed and capriciousness. The fact that they utilize the same shameless strategies to procure wealth – depressingly – makes sense.

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