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Royal Snub: Queen’s Speech Makes No Mention Of Trump Visit

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It’s not exactly a secret: Donald Trump is not very popular overseas. He’s alienated the United States’ oldest allies, physically shoved a NATO leader, and failed to reaffirm treaty commitments. European citizens view Trump as a buffoon.

Trump’s poor job performance has, in fact, helped diminish the political standing of Europe’s far-right. Since the 2016 election, extremist rightwing parties in Europe have lost big, as nations look across the Atlantic and see how the nationalist populist Trump is stumbling in the dark, embarrassing the country he represents.

Much to the dismay of many British citizens, beleaguered Prime Minister Theresa May extended an invitation to Trump to visit shortly after the US election. Trump made childish demands, such as a ride in the queen’s ceremonial carriage. Authorities were prepping for massive protests.

But following the recent terror attacks in London – which provoked in the small-minded Trump the urge to demonize the mayor of London while one tragedy was still taking place – rumors began swirling that Trump wanted to postpone the trip until his popularity was up. A revolting admission of his primary concern: his own sense of self.

The Queen herself appears to have thrown cold water on any visit in the near-future. During the Queen’s speech – a traditional event that typically includes references to important state visits – omitted any mention of Trump. Intended to encompass two years of state-planning, this could very will indicate that Trump will not be welcome on British soil for years.

Based on Trump’s penchant for defending strong-man dictators over leaders of Western democracies, it seems unlikely these broken relationships will mend anytime soon.

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