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Trump Picks Corrupt Cindy McCain As Human Rights Ambassador

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Donald Trump has made a number of awful selections to fill his government. From bringing in Steve Bannon – the former CEO of the alt-right propaganda blog Breitbart – to political neophytes from his own family such as Jared Kushner, Trump has ensconced himself in a circle of corruption, incompetence, and downright wackiness.

While Trump has struggled to fill the many vacancies of his government – which to no small degree stems from conservatives’ recalcitrance of being associated with his scandal-ridden administration – he nonetheless continues to bring more shady characters onboard. The latest is Cindy McCain.

The wife to Arizona Senator John McCain, Cindy McCain is slated to become Trump’s ambassador on human rights in the State Department. McCain, however, is ill-suited for the position. She has poor track record on human trafficking – her recent advocacy focus area – having lobbied to make prostitution even more dangerous. Additionally, the couple’s foundation The McCain Institute has a sordid history receiving funding from notorious human rights violators, including a phosphate mining company active in West Sahara which has brutally oppressed the region’s Sahrawi population.

With each addition to Trump’s administration, the swamp gets thicker. But as the White House’s numerous scandals unfold, the chances of individuals within it getting stuck in the ever-expanding morass of corruption grows.

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