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Russia Probe: Is Michael Flynn Talking To Investigators?

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There are signs that Michael Flynn is talking to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team. While this has not been explicitly confirmed, Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Richard Blumenthal have hinted that Flynn is cooperating.

There is some speculation that Flynn has in fact flipped, divulging damaging secrets potentially in exchange for immunity.

Recall the absurd lengths that Trump went to in order to defend Flynn and maintain a close relationship with him even after his forced dismissal. Indeed, Trump’s efforts to compel intelligence officials to drop the investigation into Flynn brought an obstruction of justice investigation to the flailing president’s doorstep.

Why would Trump try to keep Flynn so close (and protected) instead of moving forward beyond the scandals that the former NSA head generated?

The answer may lie in what Flynn knows. The FBI could now be privy to this knowledge.

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