Georgia’s 6th: Vote Could Impact GOP’s Agenda And Its Cooperation with Trump

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Jon Ossof

In today’s special election, young Democratic upstart Jon Ossoff faces off against Republican Karen Handel, bringing to a close what has been the most expensive House race in US history.

Georgia’s 6th District – which was once represented by former House Speaker and radical conservative Newt Gingrich – has become an unexpected battlefield that many in national politics believe could set the stage for the come coming year in politics.

As Trump struggles with soaring disapproval ratings, Republican lawmakers have been secretly pushing through the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), a wildly unpopular piece of legislation that will throw millions off of health insurance while granting generous tax breaks to the wealthiest.

While some moderate Republicans have raised concerns over the process, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated that the vote to replace Obamacare will move forward next week. This is quite extraordinary, as the bill hasn’t seen the light of day. Neither the public nor opposition Democrats have had a chance to see what is inside.

Depending on which way today’s vote goes in Gerogia, politicians may alter their path accordingly. A shock win for Ossoff in this traditionally conservative district could send Republicans running for the exits, unwilling to touch a toxic piece of legislation that could dampen their reelection efforts.

Additionally, an Ossoff win may be viewed as an appraisal of Trump’s dismal performance as president, lessening the likelihood of cooperation among Republican legislators and further isolating the White House.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Impact Tap as the results roll in.

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