Second from left, Rod Rosenstein at his swearing in ceremony.

Self-Defeating: Trump Confirms Being Under Investigation, Throws Deputy AG Under Bus

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In a baffling display of self-defeating ignorance, Trump launched a series of tweets Friday morning that – like so many that have come before – will probably only make his life more difficult.

The most damning of these, in no uncertain terms, has Trump confirming that he is in fact now under investigation. Recall how he claimed vindication after James Comey’s hearing before the Senate Intel Committee, during which the ousted FBI director acknowledged that on three separate occasions he informed the flailing president that he was not under direct investigation as part of the ongoing probe into Russia’s election meddling.

That all changed after he fired Comey and – on national television – confirmed that his reason for doing so was because of the “made up” Russia story and the investigation relating to it.

A report out in the Washington Post this week posited that Trump is now under investigation for obstruction of justice by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. One would think that after shooting himself in the foot time-and-time again, Trump may consider using discretion going forward into this unchartered terrain. Wrong.


Instead, Trump publicly confirmed that he’s under investigation (which hadn’t officially been confirmed, but merely reported based on anonymous sources). In one impressively self-damning tweet, he also blamed his deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein (i.e. “the man who told me to fire the FBI Director).

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein was directed to co-author a memo that the Trump Administration went on to claim was the rationale for Comey’s firing. In an incredibly brief period of time, however, Trump denoted his administration’s messaging, claiming that he decided to fire Comey before the memo and that the decision was predicated on the Russia investigation.

All of these public facts make today’s Twitter accusation utterly confusing. Trump may think he can will reality through his public (140 character or less) proclamations, but he has no one else but himself to blame for the web he’s stuck, in which he’s becoming increasingly entangled day in and day out.

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