New Philadelphia Pride Flag Aims for Greater Inclusivity

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Philadelphia Pride Gayborhood Racism

A new pride flag unveiled in Philadelphia aims to be more inclusive.

The flag – unveiled outside of city hall during a kickoff event for pride month – has added black and brown to reflect the racial diversity of the LGBTQ community.

Executive Director of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs Amber Hikes discussed how the flag was designed to spark conversation on under looked issues facing LGBTQ people of color:

It’s a push for people to start listening to people of color in our community, start hearing what they’re saying, and really to believe them and to step up and say, ‘What can I do to help eradicate these issues in our community?

In the city of Philadelphia’s Gayborhood – home to a number of iconic gay bars and clubs – there have been many issues over the years relating to racial discrimination, including dress codes that appear targeted at certain cultures as well as incidents of business owners using racial slurs.

The new flag is the result of a campaign called More Color More Pride, a partnership between the city of Philadelphia and Tierney, a design and marketing firm.

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