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Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Right.

Australian Prime Minister Turnbull Roasts Trump

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Footage has leaked of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ridiculing Trump on stage in front of the Australian government’s annual midwinter ball. Press were not supposed to record any of the speeches, though footage of Turnbull’s comedy routine has just been released by Nine News Australia.

And it’s pretty brutal.

Turnbull and Trump’s relationship – like the flailing US president’s relationship with scores of other foreign leaders – has been rocky ever since a phone call to discuss an Obama-era plan to resettle refugees from an Australian detention center went south.

At the midwinter ball, Turnbull leaned on some of Trump’s go-to rhetoric for aggrandizing himself in order to describe their first-ever meeting, which followed their disastrous introductory phone call:

It was beautiful. It was the most beautiful putting-me-at-ease ever.

He also took dig at Trump’s unpopularity:

The Donald and I, we are winning and winning in the polls.We are winning so much. We are winning like we have never won before. We are winning in the polls. We are! We are. Not the fake polls! Not the fake polls! They’re the ones we’re not winning in.

Trump’s disapproval ratings – which have already surpassed the highest levels of virtually all presidents in modern history – has recently struck a staggering 60%.

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