Trump Disapproval Rating Hits New High

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Trump continues to flail as president. With his lawyer’s bizarre response to James Comey’s testimony last week, Trump seems to be out of his element, with virtually no damage control capacity to cope with the swirling scandals plaguing his ineffectual administration.

And the news is only getting worse for Trump. His overall disapproval ratings have a hit a new high. Gallup has just released a poll that shows that a full 59% actively disapprove of the job that Trump is doing. Such poor standing among the plurality of the US public will force Trump to double-down on his most extreme policies in efforts to shore up support among his rabid base.

But even that may not work. His favorability among his most ardent supporters has soured faster than other demographics in some polling.

The Trump Administration may simply be getting to a point where its so mired in its own scandal and ineptitude that it cannot pursue any meaningful policies, rendering whether or not impeachment proceedings go forward moot.

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