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So Much For The New Image: Megyn Kelly Gives Platform To Conspiracist Alex Jones

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When news broke that Fox News all-star personality Megyn Kelly was leaving Rupert Murdoch’s conservative propaganda machine and entering into a lucrative contract with NBC, there was some speculation that she – supposedly among the more reasonable and “journalistic” of the Fox News crew – would turn over a new leaf as a public personality.

Fast forward to now, and both Kelly and her new network are in hot water, having drawn criticism from parents and family members of the children murdered at the Sandy Hook shooting in Newton, Connecticut.

The controversy involves a soon-to-be-aired interview with Alex Jones, host of the radical right-wing conspiracy show InfoWars.

Alex Jones conspiracy theories include a great variety of mind-boggling nonsense: Jones insists the government uses “chemtrails” to control population size and that it introduces chemicals into products to turn children homosexual. He also alleges that FEMA’s ultimate design is to create concentration camps for US citizens, and that a number of modern tragedies – from the Boston Marathon Bombing to Columbine – were “false flags.”

In other words, Jones believes that the government faked them to achieve some sinister authoritarian end.

He attracted tremendous outrage when he deemed Sandy Hook false flag as well. Arguing that Sandy Hook never happened, Jones proffers a convoluted, twisted explanation that the entire incident was faked in order for the government to enact more stringent gun control.

What happened at Sandy Hook was an absolute tragedy. Dozens of young children murdered by a challenged and deeply ill shooter with access to highly lethal weaponry. But for Jones, it was simply another high-profile event to fit into the new world order he whips up so much fear about among his delusional listenership.

That NBC and Kelly are providing such a massive platform for such a damnable figure is too much for those close to the Sandy Hook shooting victims:

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