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Trump Forgets Details Of Conversation With Romanian President Right After Meeting

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What planet is he on?

In his first public questioning since the bombshell testimony of James Comey before the Senate Intel Committee, Trump had quite an embarrassing gaffe.

Appearing aside Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, a reporter asked the two if they had discussed visa waivers in their discussions. “We didn’t discuss it,” Trump claimed. President Iohannis, however, immediately mentioned that he had, in fact, brought this subject up.

That’s awkward.

This may be further proof of Trump’s short attention span. Or, perhaps, a sign that he’s preoccupied with yesterday’s testimony, during which the ousted FBI director called Trump a liar. As legal experts weigh in and argue that Comey’s testimony could be the first step in impeachment proceedings, the flailing Trump certainly has a few things to worry about. v

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