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Live Blog: James Comey Testimony Before The US Senate Intel Committee

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June 8, 2017 1:39 PM
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McCain Blames Baseball for His Incoherence

Senator John McCain evidently picked up on the country's confusion at his...confusion.

Live Video of Trump Lawyer's Response to Comey Hearing

Watch Trump lawyer's response live:

McCain's Confused Line of Questioning

Senator John McCain has been one of the more outspoken Republican critics of Donald Trump. This is one of the reasons why his line of questioning at today's hearing was so baffling.

He spoke of some "double standard" relating to the ongoing investigation into the Trump team's potential collusion with Russian officials and the concluded investigation into Clinton's emails. This was a very awkward attempt to muddle the conversation by bringing up conservatives' favorite punching bag, but it makes very little sense in terms of the overarching conversation on Trump, potential obstruction of justice, White House lies, and collusion.

As usual, Trump’s tweets come back to haunt him

In his testimony today, Comey has confirmed on public record that - after Trump began defaming him following his ouster - he was moved to share his memos with the explicit purpose of leaking to the press with the goal of initiating a special council. This is an extraordinary admission, and also provides all the more reason for Trump to keep quiet on Twitter for his own sake. Will he actually begin exercising self-control? Based on his track record, probably not.

The Republican Defense of Trump: He's New and Incompetent

Pretty pathetic damage control from GOP leadership underway. Paul Ryan - the Wisconsin Republican and speaker of the house - argued that:

The president’s new at this. He’s new at government.

This doesn't really hold up. First of all, he's surrounded by seasoned staff including high-profile GOP operatives. Most importantly, this is the presidency of the United States of America, not a run-of-the-mill job. This defense is, itself, quite indefensible.

Comey: “Release all the tapes, I’m good with it.”

“Release all the tapes, I’m good with it," Comey tells the Senate Intel Committee, in reference to Trump's claim that he has tapes of his calls with Comey. 

Bluster or fact? Does Trump actually have tapes?

Paul Ryan Says Trump is New to This

The GOP defense of Trump's potential obstruction of justice is incredibly uninspiriing. Recall when the GOP tore into Obama for not having the right experience for the job? Well, those same standards don't seem to apply now.

Trump Lawyer to Respond

Evidently, Trump's silence is part of a larger damage control operation:

Trump Silent on Twitter

Trump's aids most have scored a small victory. Normally quite active on Twitter, especially during periods of stress, Trump has been silent on the social media platform so far. There was some speculation ahead of today's hearing that Trump may live tweet during the testimony. That hasn't happened yet. 

“A Very Significant Fact”

Comey says that as an investigator, Trump kicking everyone else out before requesting Comey drop the Flynn investigation is "a very significant fact." 

Could these simple la enforcement conclusions be used in a legal case for obstruction of justice? 

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