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Eric Trump Says Democrats ‘Not Even People’ Amidst Reports He Scammed Kids With Cancer

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Eric Trump – son of the embattled president – had harsh words for the opposition party this week. Sean Hannity, who remains maniacally devoted to the imploding Trump Administration, had the younger Trump on his program Tuesday evening.

Democrats supporting the Russia probe into his father are “not even people,” according to Eric.

Considering that Donald Trump received vocal support from his entire family as he paraded the lie that Barack Obama was born in another country, Eric moralizing over conspiracy theories is hypocritical to say the least.

But unlike the racist lies regarding Obama’s place of birth, there has been evidence that Trump has committed obstruction of justice over the ongoing probe. His administration also misled the US public and government over numerous meetings with Russians (including Jared Kushner’s now infamous request for a private back channel with Russian officials).

In other words, it’s fair to say that at least the probe is rooted in reality. Trump’s racist pandering was the product of a showman desperate for attention and willing to stop at nothing to receive accolades from his adoring fans.

Eric Trump’s harsh condemnations emerge simultaneously with reports that his foundation – the Eric Trump Foundation – has funneled donations intended for St. Jude’s Hospital to his own businesses. The allegations, which originated from the magazine Forbes, also claim that the younger Trump used donations for cancer-stricken children for high-cost events and products attached to the Trump name, lining family pockets with charitable gifts.

Comparing the justifiable interest in Donald Trump’s lack of transparency – as well as his deceit and conflicts of interest – to stealing money from kids with cancer…

It seems quite obvious which is more contemptible. But considering the Trump family’s dubious ethical business and political history, who could possibly be surprised?

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