Comey Confirms It: Trump Demanded ‘Loyalty’

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Less than 24 hours before former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before Congress, the public is getting a fist glance at what he is likely to tell legislators.

According to confidants of Comey, he will not draw any legal conclusions from his conversations with Trump, meaning he will not state whether or not Trump’s behavior constituted an obstruction of justice. Comey’s aim is to merely detail his conversations on the record and leave their meaning to investigators.

But – in prepared remarks released Wednesday ahead of the testimony – it appears as if Comey will confirm that Trump explicitly demanded his “loyalty.”

This is quite the bombshell. While the public has known this likely transpired for awhile, tomorrow it will go on record, providing yet more material for investigators scrutinizing the scandal-plagued White House.

Comey’s prepared remarks are littered with other notable bits of information, including the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not respond to Comey when the latter mentioned how “inappropriate” it was for the president to bring up matters relating to the Russia investigation with the head of the FBI.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be one of the most pivotal moments in modern US political history. Make sure to join Impact Tap for our liveblog tomorrow for rolling coverage on Comey’s testimony before Congress.

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