Travel Ban: Trump Sabotages Himself Through Tweets

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Trump Legal Trouble

Much to the chagrin of Trump’s legal team, the embattled (and deeply unpopular) president took to Twitter early Monday morning to double down on his unconstitutional travel ban, arguing that the Justice Department should have remained committed to the original version and not the “politically correct” version that they presented to the Supreme Court.

In classic Trump fashion, he essentially blames individuals in his own administration for offering a weaker manifestation of the executive order. This will most certainly sap morale from a White House already plagued with in-fighting, mistrust, and cover-ups.

But – perhaps more significantly – the tweets significantly complicate life for Trump’s lawyers, who have been working to distance the executive order from Trump’s original travel ban language (which was used by federal judges to underscore the order’s intent to discriminate against Muslims). The new language used to describe the order – “extreme vetting” – is now, quite evidently, a rhetorical ploy from a legal stand point.

As The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs puts it, Trump’s wildcard tweets were most likely unsupervised:

Trump is doing himself no favors, and is only making things harder for his staff. As time ticks by and the administration continues to lose, Trump’s popularity will most likely continue to drop. For congressional Republicans, this could ultimately tip the scales in the cost-benefit analysis of keeping Trump on or pursuing impeachment.

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