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Palace Intrigue: Did Steve Bannon Leak Russia-Kushner Stories?

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Among the numerous eye-opening stories that dropped over the last few weeks relating to Trump’s embattled White House, the revelation of Kushner’s status as a person of interest in the ongoing FBI investigation was quite astonishing. Further leaks from the porous Trump Administration confirmed that the FBI is interested in Kushner’s attempt to set up a secret backchannel through Russian assets, something he brought up alongside the now disgraced Michael Flynn with Sergey Kislyak, Russian Ambassador to the US.

Additionally, Trump’s son-in-law held a previously undisclosed meeting with Sergey Gorkov in December. Gorkov is the head of Vnesheconombank, one of Russia’s state-owned banks that is under US sanctions. The purpose of this meeting is unclear, but whether it related to Kushner’s extensive debt or a potential money lending deal, Kushner could find himself in hot water.

While Trump rages against leakers undermining his administration, the reality is that his own staff are likely behind many of the most damning divulgences. Insider speculation supposes that this is how details emerged regarding Trump’s amateurish leak of top secret intelligence to Russian officials that comprised an ally’s spies.

According to Joe Scarborough from MSNBC’s Morning Joe, another high level advisor is directly responsible for the leaks regarding Kushner. As Impact Tap previously reported, an internal power struggle opened up in the White House between Steve Bannon – the white nationalist alt-right leader and former CEO of the extremist propaganda outlet Breitbart – and Kushner.

Inside sources at the White House have reveled to Scarborough that Bannon is actually responsible for releasing information on Kushner’s undisclosed meetings with Russians, bragging that he would “sideline” Kushner over Russia with information in his possession.

If this is true, the Trump Administration is starting to look more like Game of Thrones than an actually functioning White House.

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