Trump Downfall? Support For Impeachment Spreads

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Americans want to impeach Trump

A new poll shows that US citizens are increasingly inclined toward impeaching the unpopular president, Donald Trump. An astonishing 43 percent hope to see congress initiate the impeachment process. This is a full five points higher than polling just a week ago.

While a slight uptick in his approval rating occurred as he traveled abroad for the first time – an excursion he dreaded and handled poorly by offending allies – the general trend still has his numbers plumetting among all demographics. Right-leaning polls are now showing Trump fatigue as more and more people come to terms with his ineptitude. FiveThirtyEight has even tracked a decrease of support among the flailing president’s base, something pundits dismissed as unlikely.

With support ebbing among the most ardent “Make America Great Again” fanatics, who will be left to provide Trump the praise he needs to badly?

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