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Watch: Trump Shoves Prime Minister of Montenegro in National Embarrassment

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Much to the dismay of the US electorate – whose view of Trump has plummeted over the past few months of nonstop scandal – the embattled reality star-turned inept president has been trotting across the Middle East and Europe this past week, representing Americans on the world stage.

There have been embarrassments, including Trump’s complaint to the Belgium Prime Minister that it’s too difficult to set up golf courses in Europe, as well as his demonstrated failure to understand that Israel is, in fact, located in the Middle East.

But those incidents pale in comparison to Trump shoving the leader of another NATO country in order to position himself more prominently for a photo.


Trump, ever the pathological narcissist, forcibly pushed Prime Minister Dusko Markovic during a photo-call of NATO leaders. Oblivious to anyone but himself, Trump evidently couldn’t handle a secondary position in the line-up.

As Klaus Brinkbäumer – writing for the German publication Der Spiegel – puts it in an editorial published in conjunction with Trump’s European visit: “The U.S. elected a laughing stock to the presidency and has now made itself dependent on a joke of a man.”

Trump proves these words daily.

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