Trump Calls Murderous Duterte A “Good Man,” Then Divulges State Secrets

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Rodrigo Duterte – the current president of the Philippines – could stand charged of crimes against humanity. His ongoing “drug war” has received heaps of condemnation from human rights organizations and world governments. Under his direction, government police have extrajudicially murdered not only drug dealers but also addicts. Upwards of 9,000 people have died as a result of Duterte’s murderous campaign. He even said that officers who kill bystanders in these efforts will be absolved of any wrongdoing, encouraging them to spray automatic fire when possible.

As The Intercept reports, an official transcript from a call between Trump and Duterte from last month includes some eyebrow-raising endorsements from the embattled US president.

“You’re a good man,” Trump told the murderous Duterte, “you’re doing an unbelievable job.”

This is shocking. It’s hard to imagine any other US president in recent history in possession of even a shred of sanity so brazenly praising an individual who could – theoretically – appear in front of the Hague at some point in the future.

But then again, it’s Trump.

The April 29 conversation with the controversial Philippine head of state also included another instance of Trump throwing around highly classified information. He informed Duterte of two US nuclear submarines that have been sent to the Korean peninsula. Coming on the heels of revelations regarding Trump’ meeting with Russian dignitaries in which he divulged highly classified intelligence shared by an ally, the news of his indiscretion with Duterte will likely only lead to additional reflection on whether or not Trump is fit to serve.

The answer, at this point, is most certainly “no.”

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