Fox news falls to third place

Fox News Tail Spin: Network Retracts Seth Rich Murder Story As Hannity Becomes Unhinged

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Fox news is having a tough go at it recently. With the torrent of stories leaking out of the flailing president’s dysfunctional White House, news outlets have had no shortage of fresh headlines relating to the myriad ongoing scandals in Washington.

Due to the network’s myopic support of Trump, however, Fox has largely ignored these stories. Viewers – hungry for the latest – have been flocking to MSNBC and CNN, turning the prevailing network rankings on their head, and leaving the conservative propaganda outlet in third.

In efforts to whip up excitement without actually covering the failures of the Trump Administration, Fox began peddling out nonsense on a long-since discredited right-wing conspiracy theory relating to the murder of Seth Richards, a former-DNC staffer who was murdered in Washington, D.C. last year.

Loons that hang around the alt-right forums on 4chan have posited that the 27-year old was murdered because he was the true source of Wikileaks’ extensive cache of emails from the DNC. There is, of course, not a single shred of evidence to prove these accusations.

That didn’t stop fox news from parading out an “investigator” to reiterate the sordid details fabricated by online, tinfoil hat trolls.

After a massive public outcry that included Rich’s own family coming out to condemn the story, Fox took the rare step of actually retracting it. Dropping in the rankings and then coming out and admitting you shirked basic journalistic standards for your latest marquee story? That seems like a network in desperation.

To make things worse, the network’s one remaining conservative star Sean Hannity (Bill O’Reilly was finally booted due to revelations regarding his behavior as a sexual predator) simply won’t let it go.


Closer to the truth? OK, Sean – can’t wait to hear what globalist, Soros-affiliated one world government explanation you come up with.

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