Brennan says Russia investigation well-founded

John Brennan Testimony Offers More Bad News for Trump, GOP

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Testifying before the House intelligence committee Tuesday, former CIA Director John Brennan confirmed a number of details that should worry the embattled President Trump and his Republican apologists. First, the senior member of the intelligence community concluded that Trump broke multiple protocols when he shared highly sensitive, classified information with Russian dignitaries in a private session at the White House. Sharing such information warrants clearance from the agency providing the information (in this instance thought to be Israel’s Mossad). Additionally, this kind of intelligence should be exclusively relayed through intelligence channels, not through dignitaries.

Trump’s reckless approach to his presidential responsibilities has raised eye brows, especially as his aids have – anonymously – argued that the disclosure of secret intelligence stemmed not from calculated malice but from ignorance. This begs the question: is this individual actually fit to fulfill the duties of president? As these chronically reoccurring missteps seem to indicate, probably not.

But an additional confirmation (or re-confirmation, rather) that will have the GOP biting its nails is that Brennan – in no uncertain terms – stated that the probe into the Trump campaign’s coordination with Russian intelligence is “well-founded.

While Brennan could not divulge specifics (a skill that Trump should cultivate for his own sake), this is eye-popping. It flies directly in the face of the Trump Administration’s claims that the investigation is a charade, and makes allegations that Trump sought to end the investigation by pressuring former FBI director James Comey to drop it all the more damning.

With numerous intelligence officials confirming the legitimacy of the investigation and Trump’s efforts to stymie investigators, we may of obstruction of justice on our hands. Before impeachment proceedings begin, Trump needs to fall out of favor with the public. His dismal polling numbers aside, he still enjoys the support of the GOP’s base. His political utility, however, is quickly coming to an end as he creates headache after headache for the Republican party.

What straw will break the camel’s back? A greater drop in polling? A smoking gun in the Russian investigation? Stay tuned to find out.

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