Paul Ryan Tweet on Classified Leaks Doesn’t Age Well

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House Speaker Ryan

Plenty of tweets have come back to haunt elected Republicans. Donald Trump in particular has directly contradicted scores of previous tweets condemning various individuals for behavior he went on to emulate, or even surpass in severity.

An old tweet by Paul Ryan is circulating the web today, and it has not aged well. “Individuals who are ‘extremely careless’ with classified information,” Ryan wrote, “should be denied further access to such info.”

The tweet, of course, was directed at Hillary Clinton over her supposed email scandal, which ultimately turned out to have virtually no negative impact on national security. Fast-forward to today, and Ryan is now tangling with the fallout of Trump’s extraordinary divulgence of classified information to visiting Russian officials.

Some Republicans have expressed dismay at the situation, including John McCain.:

Whether or not the GOP leadership will snap out of it and tackle this internal threat to US security – i.e. Trump – remains to be seen.

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