Voter suppression in North Carolina

Voting Rights Victory! SCOTUS Strikes Discriminatory North Carolina Law Dead

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Interestingly enough, it appears as if the best news these days is coming from an unlikely source: the Supreme Court of the United States. Just two weeks ago, the highest court in the land turned down an appeal challenging a pioneering California law that banned gay conversion therapy. With the law upheld, psychiatry professionals in California are not permitted to engage in the wildly debunked, incredibly abusive process, which endeavors to alter an individual’s sexual preference. It also means that the other six states and smaller municipalities that have passed similiar legislation will be able to maintain this important prohibition.

Today, the nation receives even more great news from the Supreme Court, which has turned down a challenge to a ruling that overturned North Carolina’s controversial voter ID law. A federal appeals court previously ruled that the 2013 law passed by North Carolina Republicans was designed to “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.” With SCOTUS refusing to take the case up, the lower court’s ruling stands, effectively halting the state GOP’s attempt to significantly curtail voting in African-American districts.

With no sound justification, the law explicitly sought to making voting more difficult for black North Carolinians, restricting early voting hours and enacting voter ID requirements. GOP lawmakers assembled the bill after researching voting trends among the state’s inhabitants. After figuring out which demographic utilized early voting more (black residents, it turned out), they sought to restrict early voting; after discovering which forms of ID black residents were more likely to have, they chose to expludethose from the eligibility list under the law’s ID requirement.

Voter suppression is still an ongoing issue. It may in fact have assisted Trump win the presidency. But, nonetheless, each victory still counts.

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