Comey Fallout Could Spell the End of the Trump Administration

Trump Admits Russia Probe Influenced Comey Firing, Threatens Former Director on Twitter

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This week, the Trump Administration appears to have entered a death spiral. Each day seemed to bring a fresh batch of chaos, captured by unflattering headlines and a growing sense that – just over a hundred days into the presidency – Trump may be on the way out.

After firing James Comey as FBI director, Trump managed to contradict his entire administration, incriminating himself during an interview with Lester Holt by declaring that the Russia probe did inform his decision and that – contrary to administration talking points – it was his entirely his call.

The web of lies is hard to penetrate here, but it seems as if the Trump camp initially concocted a story that branded Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as the chief proponent of deposing the FBI chief. This led to leaked reports that Rosenstein was furious at this insinuation, and that he was in fact instructed to draft a memo critical of Comey by Trump.

All of this culminated in the Holt interview, where Trump essentially threw his entire administration – including Vice President Mike Pence – under the bus. He did, after all, bluntly and very publicly dispute what everyone in the White House was saying mere days after Comey was booted.

The incompetence almost distracts from the suspiciousness and potential scandal.

And, just this morning, Trump appears to have threatened the former FBI director, stating “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” This, of course, comes shortly after Trump also threatened former acting Attorney General Sally Yates before her testimony in the Senate.

If reports are true and the Russia investigation was actually ramping up shortly before Comey’s ouster, then Trump could face obstruction of justice. Combine this with the preexisting rationale for impeachment, and it’s no longer absurd to suggest that Trump could very well be removed from office.

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