New Wearable Tech Designed To Improve Your Posture

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Do you slouch?

Slouching. Many of us are guilty of it. In a day and age where much of the workforce spends the a great share of its active labor time typing away at computers, proper posture has been jettisoned for slumped backs and arched necks.

The unfortunate reality is that this makes us miserable. From more benign though irritating ailments such as back pain, to more severe health issues such as blood clots, the long-term effects of bad posture can have massive impacts on overall quality of life.

A new wave of wearable technologies, however, has emerged with the goal of making backs erect again. Wearable technology such as the Lumo Lift and Upright GO attach to your clothing or body and indicate through buzzing when you begin slouching. While this may seem like a nuisance, the products generate data that they share periodically with the user, indicating improvements of general posture compared to previous weeks.

While the data generated by such products are somewhat guilty of the big data saturation trend in wearables (i.e. including a host of arbitrary data points that tell us nothing), the results are nonetheless tangible. If you’re concerned about the point of no return regarding your bad posture, now could be the right time to consider how wearables can improve your habits.

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