Energy Transfer Partners is responsible for pipeline spills destroying wildlife

Company Behind DAPL Spills Drilling Fluids in Ohio Wetlands

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The Sierra Club Ohio has obtained confirmation of a horrifying toxic spill in Ohio that has dumped 2.5 million gallons of poisonous fracking fluids into wetlands around the Tuscarawas River and wetlands in Mifflin County.

Called the Rover Pipeline, the $4.2 billion project commenced just a month ago, making this gargantuan spill which a foreboding sign of what’s in store for Ohio wildlife and residents.

The project is managed by Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners, which operates the Dakota Access Pipeline as well. Desecrating religious burial grounds and threatening Native water sources, the Dakota Access Pipeline has fueled a broad movement against dirty energy interests. While the protests secured a victory stopping the pipeline during Obama’s waning days as president, Trump has since re-approved it against the democratic will of those directly impacted by its construction.

If completed the Rover Pipeline will cross parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Michigan, and Canada.

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