Trump Could Have Russian Debt from 2008 Financial Crisis

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Trump's shadowy finances could be hiding Russian Debt

The Trump-Russia storyline has gotten quite complicated over the past couple of months.

Since the bombshell confirmation by FBI Director James Comey that the agency has been investigating collusion between Trump aids and confirmed Russian intelligence operatives, a host of other damning details have emerged, ranging from a secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court issuing a warrant last August permitting authorities to monitor the communications of Trump Advisor Carter Page to White House advisor Jared Kushner concealing meetings with Russian bankers during the vetting process for his security clearance.

Richard Dearlove – former chief of MI6 – has thrown more fuel on the fire. The intelligence expert has revealed that Trump borrowed money from Russian lenders to help maintain his business empire during the 2008 financial crisis. He did so as Western banks would not take the risk considering his extensive track record in bankruptcy.

According to intelligence sources, Trump has had a relationship with Deutsche Bank for years, which has been connected to Russian money laundering schemes. Combined with the details of Kushner’s secretive meeting with representatives from Vnesheconombank – a state-run Russian bank – in December, it could be reasonably surmised that some lingering debt could still exist.

We can’t know for sure without greater transparency from Trump himself regarding his finances. As more details like this are revealed, expect Trump to withdraw even deeper into the shadows.

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