Shocking: Columbus Officer Appears to Stomp Detained Suspect’s Head

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Zachary Rosen head stomps suspect

Jarring footage has emerged from Columbus, Ohio, in which an officer appears to run up to a detained suspect and – though the individual has his hands cuffed behind his back – proceed to stomp on his head.

The detained individual, a black male, was arrested as police responded to an alleged discharged firearm. In the footage, while the suspect is face down on the ground, cuffed and restrained by another officer, officer Zachary Rosen runs up and kicks the individual in the head.

The suspect can be heard responding in astonishment following the assault: “Are you serious? I got cuffs on, sir! Are you serious?”

Just two weeks ago, Rosen was cleared of wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of a black man in 2016 shooting.

Warning: Some Viewers May Find the Following Footage Disturbing

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