Louis C.K. saves the day as liberal social media user "Scott" in hilarious SNL skit.

SNL and Louis C.K. Lampoon Clicktivism

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Saturday Night Live has made ample use of the current political climate for its satire – often to great effect. Melissa McCarthy’s brutal Sean Spicer impression, for example, has reportedly infuriated Trump, who disapproves of his staff appearing weak.

Just this past week, the show featured a hilarious breakdown of the now-notorious Pepsi commercial starring Kendall Jenner that appropriated Black Lives Matter, depicting the commercial’s producer as a totally delusional self-styled white liberal divorced from the reality that BLM and other contemporary social movements exist in.

Perhaps even more comically, another recent short featuring guest host Louis C.K. took aim at something we’re all familiar with: clicktivism. Following the 2016 election, social media has been ablaze with riotous fury regarding Trump the GOP’s noxious agenda. While it would be unfair to say that sharing information is in itself a bad thing, there is nonetheless a reoccurring tendency among sympathizers with progressive causes to begin and end their involvement at sharing posts and opinions on social media. This “clicktivim” (or “slackstivism”) may generate some positive feelings for the poster, while ultimately contributing very little to the advancement of progressive causes.

In the SNL short, a diverse cast of singers pay homage to a white man named Scott, whom they credit with saving the day by sharing articles on Facebook and mentioning Black Lives Matter in his Twitter bio. What’s the takeaway from this poignant bit of satire? Actually get out and do something.

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