Trump Jumps Into Syrian Civil War Without a Plan

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Trump tries to reverse poll numbers with war.
A US cruise missile.

Following the horrific chemical attack in the Idlib Province of Syria – which Western nations believe was carried out by the murderous Assad regime – Trump has initiated the first major military action of his administration, and he’s done so without even a semblance of a plan.

Back when Obama was weighing a direct attack on Assad forces, Trump aggressively lobbied against such a maneuver. As recently as last week, Trump officials including Nikki Haley and Rex Tillerson indicated that regime change was not a priority. Even Trump’s supporters – which include many isolationist nationalists – have supported Trump believing that the reality star president would be thoroughly non-interventionist.

Many supporters of the flailing Trump were in for a rude awakening Thursday night, when he approved the launching of more than 50 cruise missiles at an Assad-aligned air force base in the vicinity of Homs. Many individuals from Trump’s base have lashed out online, indicating that Trump may be starting to alienate his followers as he searches desperately for some executive action that will reverse his tanking poll numbers.

Without getting into the debate on whether humanitarian interventionism can actually achieve a peaceful end to hostilities and improve the lives of civilians caught in the cross-fire, Trump’s foreign policy is rootless, reflexive, and erratic. To put it simply, making off-the-cuff war decisions is foolish, unconstitutional, and dangerous.

Hopefully – as foreign intervention also fails to help his approval ratings – Trump will fall further from the public’s grace and witness his authority diminish until it’s virtually nonexistent.

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