Gorsuch's sexist comments don't belong on SCOTUS

Unfit to Sit: Gorsuch’s Sexism is Toxic and Doesn’t Belong on the Supreme Court

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While recent reports of Neil Gorsuch’s plagiarism discredit the notion that he somehow constitutes a formidable legal scholar, there is another more sinister component to the far-right SCOTUS nominee’s reactionary persona.

Former students of Gorsuch’s at the University of Colorado Law School filed formal complaints against the then-professor before Trump – whose campaign is under investigation by the FBI for collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign – nominated him. They allege that the conservative Gorsuch displayed a blatant and hostile brand of sexism in class, accusing women broadly of damaging companies by taking advantage of maternity leave and arguing that companies were legally and ethically permitted to inquire about women’s plans relating to pregnancy as part of their hiring decisions.

While a couple male students sought to discredit the allegations – made publicly by Jennifer Sisk – they have been corroborated by further complaints. Furthermore, they occurred before there was any indication that Gorsuch would be nominated, torpedoing the hysterical notion circulated by the far-right media that the complaint is a political ploy.

Republicans took the unprecedented and positively insolent move of blocking Obama’s moderate nominee – Merrick Garland – for a full year, only to jam through a nominee whose zealotry and anti-worker beliefs put him out-of-step with much of the country. The open SCOTUS seat was stolen by a party coming apart at the seams and whose only unifying trait is reflexive obstruction.

To put it simply, Gorsuch has no place on the Supreme Court, and Democrats have every right (indeed, a moral imperative) to complicate proceedings as much as possible.

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