Flynn Asks for Immunity in Return for Testimony as Russia Scandal Heats Up

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What does immunity mean for Flynn? Trump Russia Scandal
Flynn, now seeking immunity in the Trump-Russia scandal, appears at a Trump campaign rally in 2016.

Trump’s disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn has offered to testify before congress in exchange for one thing: immunity.

After concealing conversations he held with US Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak, Flynn stepped down less than one month on the job. Flynn’s resignation was, arguably, the first big stumbling block for the flailing Trump Administration, which has been mired in defeat and incompetence.

In an ironic twist, last year Flynn himself remarked that officials seeking immunity “means you probably committed a crime.”

The Trump-Russia scandal has heated up over the past couple of weeks. An initial hearing in the investigation occurred before the House Intelligence Committee, where FBI Director James Comey caused quite a stir when he confirmed that there was an open investigation into the relationship between Trump aids and Russian agents. Comey – along with fellow hearing participant NSA Director Michael Rogers – also confirmed that there was no evidence supporting Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

In a bizarre turn, David Nunes – the Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee – held a press conference stating that he had evidence from a confidential source that there had indeed been incidental collection of communications from Trump aids to foreign officials. The source, interestingly enough, turned out to be two close Trump aids, Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Michael Ellis. This severely compromises Nunes’ legitimacy as the head of an independent investigation into Trump’s administration, and has resulted in a chorus of Democrats calling on him to recuse himself, as well as some Republican criticism from the likes of Lindsay Graham.

Evidently, Trump tried – and ultimately failed – to save public face by orchestrating some justification for his outlandish remarks on Obama. Now, with the former national security adviser seeking immunity ahead of hearings on Russia’s influence on Trump’s political network, the reality star president appears to be hurdling toward a cliff.

This is high drama. Too bad it’s drawing attention away from issues that matter, like Trump’s assault on the environment and transgender youth. The sooner the investigation wraps up (and, depending to the result, this laughing stock of an administration is wrecked) perhaps the nation can turn back toward the many ways that the Republican-controlled government is waging a daily assault on average citizens.

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