Trump Lies: #NoDAPL

Dakota Access Pipeline Will Only Create 35 Jobs

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The euphoria among progressive activists, environmentalists, and indigenous tribes that arose after Obama halted the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline dissipated with the advent of the Trump Administration. Trump – whose general animosity toward facts extends to climate change – has reinstated the pipeline, set to cut through Native Americans’ lands and threaten their water supplies and sacred burial grounds.

A popular arguing point of anti-environmental, supposedly pro-business politicians is that supporting dirty energy fuels economic growth. For his part, Trump has touted the the Dakota Access Pipeline as a job-creating enterprise, arguing that it would establish 28,000 jobs. In reality, the State Department has confirmed that it will only generate 35 permanent positions.

This is a reoccurring theme in the Trump era. The reality star president’s promises are coming up empty. From repealing Obamacare and replacing it with something that will give produce “insurance for everybody”  (an effort that failed spectacularly this week) to guaranteeing the rebirth of the coal industry (something a top conservative coal mogul has admitted is impossible), Trump has dealt almost exclusively in deception.

And it’s starting to catch up with him. He has the lowest approval ratings for the beginning of an administration in history.

As more promises fall flat, expect Trump’s already dismal numbers to plummet further.

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