Anti-terror met police place Westminster on lockdown.

Live: Attack Outside British Parliament

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Rolling coverage of terror attack in London.

March 22, 2017 4:12 PM
Latest update 4 years ago
4 Dead Including Attacker

At least 20 injured and 4 dead in the London attack. Authorities have indicated that they suspect there was only one assailant - one of the four fatalities.

Video: Car Involved in Attack

As reports indicate, an assailant involved in today's terror attack drove into a crowd of people and penetrated the fence surrounding the British Parliament. Below, footage of the alleged vehicle:

Video: Scotland Yard Release First Full Statement

Scotland Yard has released its first statement on the attack:

Photo of Suspect Emerges

The first photos of the alleged Westminster bridge attacker have emerged:

Update: 1 Woman Confirmed Dead, Many Injuries

At least one woman has died. A care penetrated the parameter fences of the British Parliament. There are also reports that there has been gunfire at least one explosion. 

At Least 10 Injuried

The London Ambulatory Service has confirmed with reporters that at least 10 are injured and being treated. Some have "catastrophic" injuries.

Woman Pulled Alive from Thames

Reports indicate that a care drove into a crowd of people. Some witnesses say they saw a body floating face down in the Thames. Reports are emerging that authorities have pulled a woman alive from the river and are currently providing her medical care.

With Growing Security Risks, is Trump Threatening US Safety By Frustrating Allies?

While details are still emerging about the attack in London, the fact is that security and intelligence cooperation following terrorist attacks are paramount. As NSA Director Admiral Rogers confirmed in the recent House Hearing on Russia's interference in the 2016 election, Trump's careless accusation against British intelligence that Obama had them spy on him needlessly "frustrates" a key ally. With the reality star president's recklessness, is US security under risk?

Update: Unconfirmed Reports of Stabbing, Shooting, Car Attack, and Suspicious Package

So far, reports are coming in detailing: a stabbing attack on Westminster Bridge; a car ploughing into a crowd of civilians; shots being fires, and now a suspicious package located near the scene that is being treated by a special bomb squad.

Video of Downed Assailant on Westminster Bridge

Footage from the scene on Westminster Bridge, which is on lockdown after British police were assaulted by assailants, at least one of which was yielding a knife.

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