The resistance helped beat back the Trump Administration's illegal Muslim ban

Trump’s Updated (Yet Still Discriminatory) Travel Ban to Take Effect

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Trump’s updated travel ban is set to take effect tonight at midnight. While somewhat smaller in scope compared to the first order – which was deemed unconstitutional by a federal court – the ban is nonetheless a cynical ploy designed to pander to Trump’s xenophobic base. It will still endanger the lives of countless refugees and immigrants and provide further propaganda fodder for radical jihadists.

There are a few changes in the revised ban. The countries have been narrowed to six Muslim-majority nations: Yemen, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and Libya. There is also a provision that exempts people with valid green cards and visas from the ban. This group made up some of the highest profile cases of people impacted by the first executive order and represented the frontline of the victorious legal fight. Evidently, Trump is looking to prevent any further challenges by accommodating this demographic.

As the original order included, the new ban will suspend the the Syrian refugee program for 120 days.

The new order is still extremely illogical. Not one individual from any of the countries included in the ban participated in a terrorist attack on US soil. In fact, 9/11 – the single largest terror attack inside the United States – was carried out by individuals from countries absent from Trump’s list, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon.

While the Trump Administration may have dealt with some of the more flagrantly unconstitutional components of the order, many civil rights experts still see it as flatly discriminatory against Muslims, which – if a court sees it that way – could ultimately sink this ban as well.

Both lawyers and protestors are gearing up to combat the executive order, which will include renewed protests at airports.

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