Sessions Lied Under Oath About Russian Contacts

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Jeff Sessions: perjury?

The Trump team has never really come together. Whether it’s Michael Flynn’s resignation after concealing discussions he had with the Russian ambassador from VP Mike Pence, or reports that indicate that Trump moved to monitor White House staffers’ phones, the nascent administration has shown cracks since day one.

And things appear to only be getting worse for the embattled Trump.

A bombshell report from The Washington Post details two conversations that recently confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions had with the Russian Ambassador last year. This information – revealed to The Washington Post by federal investigators – arrives after Sessions’ confirmation hearing last month, during which he apparently lied under oath, stating that he did not have any interaction with Russian officials during the campaign.

These are stunning revelations. Even congressional Republicans – who have shirked the ongoing controversies regarding Trump’s ties to Russia up to this point – have felt compelled to intervene. House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz has called on Sessions to recuse himself from the probe into Trump’s Russian connections. Leading congressional democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, have gone as far as to call for the attorney general’s resignation.

According to The Wall Street Journal, investigators have already opened a probe on Sessions’ contacts. Pending the results of the investigation, there is a chance that Sessions has in fact committed perjury, which – as the nation’s top law officer – is a pretty appalling offense.

With appointees turning down nominations, internal factions vying for power, and a chief policy advisor who has admitted his desire to destroy the state – it’s simply hard to believe that the forecast is clear for Trump’s hold on executive power.

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