Trump Drags Feet While White Nationalists Run Amok

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white nationalists in the white house

Confronted with the alarming increase in antisemitic violence, Trump has offered very few words. His political ascent, after all, was fueled by the celebration of hate and the scapegoating of various demographics. So long as his fans continue to adore him – which is essentially all he cares about – Trump could care less who his followers target.

This doesn’t bode well for the social fabric of the United States, or the safety of marginalized groups.

On Monday, 170 tombstones were toppled in a historic Jewish cemetery located in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2017 alone, there have been four different coordinated instances of mass bomb threats levied against Jewish centers and synagogues. As SPLC reports, there has been a massive surge in the number of hate groups operating in the United States. On top of all of this, a white nationalist – Steve Bannon – was selected by Trump to act as chief policy advisor.

While Jewish youth groups – such as IfNotNow – and other activists have fought back in the political arena, the fact is that people’s security are threatened as racists feel more emboldened than ever to organize and act out.

Irresponsibly – though not unintentionally – Trump has announced that all anti-terror efforts under his administration we be directed at Islamic extremism, even though the most most lethal subset of terrorism in recent US history has been white nationalism and neo-Nazism.

Trump doesn’t want to upset his racist base, and minority populations are feeling the effects. It’s quite impossible, with these considerations, to argue that Trump represents all Americans.

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