British MPs from both major parties disapprove of Trump's Racism an Sexism.

National Embarrassment: No Trump Parliament Address During UK Visit

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You think people are tired of Trump’s brashness and bigotry in the United States? They’ve already had enough across the Atlantic.

During Trump’s upcoming visit to the UK – which will occur sometime this summer or early fall – the president will not address the joint Houses of Parliament. Tensions rose after Commons Speaker John Bercow of the ruling Conservative Party announced MPs’ resistance to a Trump speech due to parliament’s opposition to “racism and to sexism,” which the flailing US president has repeatedly displayed throughout the course of his career as a public figure.

The timing of the visit will correspond to a period when Parliament is not in session, so that the lack of address won’t explicitly stem from MPs’ dislike of Trump, but rather from the technicality that it will not actually possible at the time.

Authorities are expecting large-scale protests during the visit. The estimated security costs have led some leaders, including opposition Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, to call for the entire visit to be canceled.

Watch Corbyn explain his rationale to The Independent:

None of this, of course, is a significant surprise. Discontent among elected officials in Britain from virtually all parties was already quite palpable, especially following Trump’s ill-fated roll out of his highly unconstitutional and racist travel ban, which was dealt a blow this week by yet another federal court ruling against it.

Trump’s unpopularity – both here and abroad – seems to grow by the day.

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