Climate Denial Threatens The Earth

How is Congress Wasting Time Today? Destroying the EPA

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Welcome to our (near-) daily look at the foibles and misadventures of the US Congress! In order to fight back, it’s essential to know how the radical forces at work in DC are diverting attention from the issues that really matter.

Last week, Representative Matt Gaetz [R-FL-1] introduced H.R.861, otherwise labeled “To terminate the Environmental Protection Agency.” The title basically sums it all up. Republicans’ war on science is nothing new. With the election of Trump, we’ve entered a period of darkness in terms of environmental defense. His selection of Rex Tillerson – the epitome of big oil interests – as secretary of state is just one example of this.

On April 22 – Earth Day – scientists and concerned citizens are planning the March for Science, which looks to emulate the massive turnout of the Women’s March on behalf of environmental protection. Hopefully, with an engaged citizenry, the excesses of climate deniers like Gaetz and Trump will be prevented. The future of the planet depends on it.


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