Trump is failing as a president

Trump Fail: Yemen Military Operation a Disaster

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Trump is not doing any favors for the United States’ image abroad. Or for his own image as a competent executive.

The first military operation approved by the flailing commander-in-chief (whose unconstitutional travel ban of Muslims has created chaos throughout the country and isolated the United States on the international stage) has resulted in numerous civilian casualties, as well as the death of a US sailor and the injury of several more US personnel.

Typically supportive of US operations, Yemeni authorities leveled strong criticism against the raid, which constituted Trump’s first foray into military action.

According to reports, Trump ordered the operation without sufficient intelligence. Unsurprising, considering that aids to the mercurial and erratic Trump often have to watch what they share with the reality TV star for fear of angering him. When a president’s fragile sense of self-worth gets in the way with sound executive decision-making, you certainly have a problem.

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