How is Congress Wasting Time Today? Pursuing War with Iran

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Trump Brings US Closer to War

Welcome to our (near-) daily look at the foibles and misadventures of the US Congress! In order to fight back, it’s essential to know how the radical forces at work in DC are diverting attention from the issues that really matter.

In congress’ relentless pursuit to create life-and-death problems out of thin air, Representative Peter Roskam (R-IL) has introduced H.R.808 to the House, which calls for renewed sanctions against Iran.

Conservative lawmakers love playing up the specter of war with Iran, though they struggle to articulate a sound justification for what would certainly be a thoroughly disastrous action. With Chinese officials warning that war is possible under the new Trump Administration, pandering actions like Roskam’s – which create the illusion of toughness but really only belie the aimlessness and confused political identity of many elected Republicans – only make us less safe.


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