As Trump Bungles Unconstitutional Travel Ban, Muslims Murdered in Québec

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Donald Trump Fascism

Trump’s travel ban targeting Muslims has heightened concerns of the neophyte’s fascist tendencies; concerns that were marginalized as fanciful projections of progressives who took the reality star too seriously but that have now come into sharp focus with an unconstitutional move that prohibits international movement of people from a single religion.

Despite positive signs including hints that the State Department may be mutinying against Trump’s appalling order and the emergence of a popular protest movement that will severely hinder his apocalyptic political vision, heart-breaking news from Canada has reaffirmed that North America is plagued with a prejudiced and hateful social climate, in part fomented by demagogues like Trump.

On January 29th, a student named Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire in a Québec mosque, killing 6 and injuring 8. The victims – hailing from countries including Guinea, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia – were in the middle of saying prayers.

Canada has been on the forefront of the debate on refugee resettlement, going above and beyond countries of similiar means, including its neighbor to the south, now led by avowed racist who rose to power by playing on people’s fear of the “other.” This recent development shows that social divisions regarding diversity are present in the north, as well.

There is a dark and unsettling irony that – just as Trump has finished causing chaos with an executive order both callously racist but also pathetically artless – a caucasian terrorist murdered innocent Muslims. From the seven countries included in Trump’s ban, not a single one has generated a terrorist that has claimed US lives on United States soil.

As the flailing president continues to bungle his way into just the third week of his presidency one wonders: how long can this charlatan last?

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