People with Disabilities Turned Out in Record Numbers to Defy Trump

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Trump: always unfit for office.

While the Women’s March on Washington shattered records as the largest public demonstration in US history, the Trump team was  – quite pathetically – offering “alternative facts” to contend that the turnout for Trump’s inaugural festivities were just as high, if not higher.

That, of course, is a gross misrepresentation of what actually happened. Trump support is low, and this was evident in the abysmal turnout for the inauguration as well as a very mute public base that doesn’t seem all that into the new president.

But while Trump continues acting like a complete amateur-in-chief, a popular movement against him is gaining steam. Take, for example, the fact that the Women’s March also featured the largest ever demonstration by individuals with disabilities.

As you may recall, Trump mocked a New York Times reporter with a chronic condition back in 2015.


The flailing Trump is now seeing his ignoble attacks on people’s dignity catch up with him.  Actions have consequences, and – whether or not Trump is willing to admit this – we live in a democracy. People spanning all walks of life are gathering in opposition to the hateful, jingoistic, and simple-minding Trump Administration. Individuals with disabilities constitute an invaluable part of the larger movement.

When people break records like this to fight back against an ableist like Trump, the individual on the receiving end is in trouble. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the buffoon that infuriated so many democratically empowered and committed people.

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