How is Congress Wasting Time Today? Attacking Women’s Healthcare with H.R.7.

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Trump and the GOP wage war on women.

Welcome to our (near-) daily look at the foibles and misadventures of the US Congress! In order to fight back, it’s essential to know how the radical forces at work in DC are diverting attention from the issues that really matter.

Is the Republican Congress out of touch with women? You bet.

Yesterday, Congress received H.R.7, otherwise known as the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017,” for consideration.

Sponsored by NJ Representative Christopher Smith, the bill is part of Republicans’ larger anti-choice efforts. Occurring almost simultaneously with Trump’s disastrous executive order reinstating a Bush-era ban on US tax dollars contributing to abortions overseas, H.R.7 will have a thoroughly damaging effect on women’s equality. The misleading title hides the fact that the bill would effectively eliminate all insurance coverage for abortion, regardless of whether or not the insurance is private and where in the country a given individual happens to live.

Following this historic Women’s March – which was the largest demonstration in US history – the introduction to the House for a vote on H.R.7 is a massive insult. If the House passes the resolution, which it is expected to do, it will then move to the Senate for a vote.

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