Rex Tillerson is Bad News for the Environment and Democracy

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Climate Change Denier Rex Tillerson Meets with Vladimir Putin, Who Helped Sabotage Election 2016 DNC Leak

There are many appointees in Trump’s incoming cabinet that are woefully unqualified. His selections have only further underscored Trump’s own lack of competence at the job at hand. The reality star with a checkered past of sexual harassment has chosen big-time funders and media surrogates rather than properly suited individuals. Take, for example, Betsy DeVos, who struggled to adequately answer basic questions during her senate hearing, or Ben Carson, a former brain-surgeon in possession of a bizarre world view who was arbitrarily selected as the head of Housing and Urban Development.

One of Trump’s skilled (albeit horrifying) picks is Rex Tillerson, a dirty energy mogul who will most assuredly carry those interests into his tenure as secretary of state. The former CEO of ExxonMobil – a company guilty of covering up evidence of climate change in the pursuit of profit – Tillerson symbolizes a great deal of what’s wrong with politics. A well-funded loyalist, the fact that he is even being considered reveals how power is bought and sold in DC.

During his tenure at ExxonMobil, the vindictive Tillerson engaged in an international spat with Venezuela, leading to questions about his priorities and approach to the humanitarian crisis-stricken country should he be approved for the job. Furthermore, he has close ties to Russia, having received a prestigious award from Putin himself and served as the director of a US-Russian oil company based in the Bahamas called Neftegas.

Considering the ongoing investigation into Russia’s involvement in Trump’s election, as well as the ever-present threat posed by climate change, Tillerson is bad news for both the environment and democracy.

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