Sherrod Brown Doesn’t Approve of Trump’s Anti-Civil Rights AG Pick Jeff Sessions

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Ohio Governor Sherrod Brown

While Donald Trump’s cabinet – far from the “drained swamp” the president-elect promised – materializes, a couple picks in particular have stood out for their odorous views. Trump’s chief advisor Steve Bannon is a noted antisemitic white nationalist who has dismissed progressive women as “dykes” and promotes conspiracy theories that, up to now, have been confined to the fringes.

Also of concern, Jeff Sessions – Trump’s pick for attorney general – is a staunch opponent of civil rights. In the 80s, he referred to a lawyer representing a black defendant as a race traitor, and has vigorously pursued civil rights leaders through legal action while supporting voter suppression. After years of incremental progress, Sessions is a throw back to an era where reactionaries didn’t even have to conceal their contempt for the non-white people.

The reality star president-elect, already reeling from the delegitimizing damage caused by revelations over Russian hacking of the DNC, is in for a fight over these disastrous cabinet picks. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has announced that he will vote “no” in the hearing on Sessions appointment.


After meeting with Sessions last week, Brown announced the reasoning for his decision:

The U.S. Attorney General’s job is to enforce laws that protect the rights of every American. I have serious concerns that Senator Sessions’ record on civil rights is at direct odds with the task of promoting justice and equality for all, and I cannot support his nomination.

It appears that as we move closer to the inauguration, the resistance to Trump’s despotic political vision is taking shape.

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