The Women's March on Washington could be the largest march ever; Donald Trump is the least popular incoming president in modern history.

A Guide to the Women’s March on Washington

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On January 21, women and allies across the globe will march on behalf of women’s rights. Merely a day after the US presidential inauguration – an event that has struggled to attract headline performers due to Trump’s toxic character – organizers are planning an event they hope to meet and even surpass the awesome display of solidarity exhibited by marchers in Martin Luther King’s March on Washington.

The events set the stage for the next four years of opposition, during which groups marginalized by Trump’s scorch-and-burn campaign, along with other pro-social forces, will struggle tooth-and-nail to prevent the worst excesses of the unqualified demagogue’s tenure.

The Women’s March on Washington is sponsored by a variety of organizations with a stake in the fight for greater equality. Top organizers include the march’s co-chairs: one-time Executive Director of the National Action Network Tamika D Mallory, Executive Director of The Gathering for Justice Carmen Perez , Executive Director of the Arab American Association Linda Sarsour, and ethical fashion designer Bob Bland. Planned Parenthood has also signed on, offering a nation-wide network of politically experienced organizers.

While these individuals are reluctant to say the march is explicitly anti-Trump, the movement comes at a time of heightened prejudice. Alarmingly, Trump’s extensive track-record of sexism and racism were not deal-breakers for many voters.

The fact remains, however, that he is the least popular incoming president in modern history. On January 21, we’ll see just how unpopular he is.

You can find the march nearest you at this helpful site, along with information on affinity international marches in cities ranging from Sydney to Zurich. The largest turnout is expected in Washington, DC, with other marches planned in the following cities:





Grand Rapids


Las Vegas

Los Angeles


Minneapolis / St. Paul

New York City



San Francisco

Santa Fe


St. Louis



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