Impact Lab: Conversation with Rick Maurer, Inventor of the Energy Bar

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Podcast, Impact Lab: Rick Maurer Teaches Us How to Overcome Resistance to Change in the Workplace Using the Energy Bar

Join Key Elements Group LLC President and CEO Lynette Zimmerman for a conversation with Rick Maurer, inventor of the Energy Bar. Rick walks us through ways that nonprofit and business management can overcome resistance in the work place, positioning leaders to enact positive changes to their organization’s work culture.

Rick Maurer is an advisor to leaders in organizations on ways to build support for new projects and other changes. His tool, The Energy Bar is a simple and easy way for people to determine the support they need, the level of support or resistance they are likely to get, and how to bridge a gap in energy. He is also author of Beyond the Wall of Resistance (Bard Press 1996, revised 2010).

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